Ways to See Great Britain

C8ehzoMXcAA6plv.jpg-largeDriven by curiosity, restlessness and a desire to better understand her own country, artist Alice Stevenson spent two years exploring and drawing Great Britain.

 With an eye for the odd and an antenna for the unexpectedly beautiful, she documented her slow, attentive forays. Her journeying was wide: steam trains in Snowdonia, art galleries on remove Scottish islands, Kent coastlines, Dorset villages, East Anglian saltmarshes, the erstwhile utopias of Harlow and Portmeirion and the wild fells of eastern Cumbria. Yet she found many hidden delights in the dense populations of cities, from Hull and Plymouth, to Belfast and Edinburgh.

The result is a book celebrating detail, of landscape and architecture, and creativity, an essential human urge. A rich, artistic journey through a land deep in natural and man-made puzzles and wonders. 

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Design by Claudia Doms

Published by September Publishing.

Praise for: Ways to Walk in London

“Over the past few years, she has been, simply, walking London. Walking mindfully or adventurously, gleefully or miserably, discovering secret routes, special views and gratifying ways to link up the city all of which she now shares in a brilliantly personal, beautifully illustrated book.” - Fabric

“An attractive gift book or inspiring manual of perambulation for anyone who spends too many hours indoors.” – Londonist